Sim Card Not Registered

Sim Card Not Registered

Sim Card Not Registered is indicative of a no cellular signal message, and not a message indicating we have not activated your sim card. Rest assured, your sim card is fully active, and service will begin working as soon as you're in a stronger coverage area. 

You may verify this by clicking the AT Command link at the bottom of the T-Mobile/3G/4G Modem box area, then from the shortcut drop-down, select the Request Network Information option and then press the send button. You will now see a 'No Service' message. 

If you do not see a 'No Service' message, but instead see a message with the letters 'WCDMA', then your device is connected to 3G signal, because the 4G or 5G signal in the area is too weak. Try a new location to get connected.  

To locate an area near with better coverage, you can view the carrier maps here

Powercycle your device, and try set up again.
If you have low signal, please try using a different antenna if your device supports them - options available here: High Gain Antenna Options

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