What is the cost of the router?

What is the cost of the router?

The cost of routers varies depending on the model. Prices range from $90 to $569. Each router comes pre-configured and ready for use. See our store for more information.
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    • How do I activate my router?

      Once your router arrives, log in to your Travel Data account, pay for your first month, and follow the quick activation steps to start using your internet.
    • How do I get started with Travel Data?

      To get started, purchase a router or SIM card from our store. Your router will arrive pre-configured and ready to activate. Simply log in to your Travel Data account to activate your plan.
    • What plans are available?

      Our main offering is just one unlimited data plan for $99/month. The plan provides high-speed, unthrottled internet access suitable for all your devices, and is on the nations fastest 5G network. We also offer a 50GB data plan for use as a backup ...