UOTEK Mesh+ ZeroTier Setup

UOTEK Mesh+ ZeroTier Setup

Travel Data provides complimentary remote setup and configuration of UOTEK routers that have or have not been purchased from our store directly via ZeroTier. 

So we may remotely complete the setup, please keep your routers admin password set to the default until we have completed the setup for you. We'll add your router to our ZeroTier server for the setup process. You may then turn this service off once completed. You can also turn it back on anytime to receive remote technical assistance with your router.

To activate please follow these steps: 

Login to your routers control panel located at: 
The default username/password is: admin/admin

Next, select the ZeroTier option from the NETWORK menu: 

Tick the zerotier slider to the on position

Enter the following information into the zerotier Edit ID field: 9bee8941b56ed47c (be sure there is no space before, or after the text if you are copying/pasting)

Press the save button

After saving, the zerotier Router ID will populate. Please copy this number and include it with your reply message. 

Please reply to your support request to let us know your router is ready to be configured by our team. 
Please do not change your routers settings until you hear back that the setup has been completed. 

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