Reset and Set APN for LT18 Router

Reset and Set APN for LT18 Router

Reset Your LT18 Router

With the router powered on, press and hold the RESET button for 6 seconds before release. Wait while the router resets.

Set the APN

If the router does not automatically connect to the correct APN, you can set the proper one manually. 
Login to your routers control panel at: 

Go to General Settings -> 3G/4G 

  1. a. Set Network mode as 4G only
  2. b. Set APN profile as Manual
  3. c. Set APN

Red Plans:  vzwinternet
Blue Plans:  broadband
Magenta Plans: 

  1. dLeave username and password as blank.
  2. e. Leave Authentication as --Please Choose--

Save & Apply all the settings and then check your connection.

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