Re-Activate My Service

Re-Activate My Service

Getting Started

Thank you for restarting your service with Travel Data! You can view the topics below that best match your situation for re-starting service. In most cases, service can be started same-day, though there may be times that a new sim card is required, and this will take additional time to complete. Please know that while payment is required prior to service starting, your billing days will be adjusted based on the date of activation, so you're not paying for a service you cannot use. 

Activate Service After Non-Payment Cancellation

To activate your service that has been cancelled due to non-payment, please proceed here to create a new subscription. There is a one day grace period for failed/missed payments, as our service is prepaid, a payment is required in advance of service being provided. In some cases, you may also need a new sim card to re-start service. Please see this page to get your service started again:

Activate Service After Standard Cancellation or Pause (You Cancelled or Paused Your Own Service)

To restart service that you cancelled, or paused on your own - meaning it was not cancelled for non-payment - Please login to your account, and you will see the restart service option on your account dashboard. 

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