LT18 Setup Step 2

LT18 Setup Step 2

Now that your sim card is active, please follow this guide to continue the LT18 Setup. 

Standard LT18 Setup Steps

In order for your equipment to be registered, you'll need to take a few simple steps to set up your router. 
  1. First, connect to your routers wireless network, and access your routers configuration page. The default page is:  , and the default admin password is: admin
  2. Next, select the Advanced Settings menu, and scroll to the TR-069 button, and click.
  3. Set the Enable to 'On' by sliding right
  4. Set the Inform to 'On' by sliding right
  5. Set the Inform Interval to 1
  6. Set the ACS URL:
  7. Set the Port: 3478
  8. Press the Save & Apply button
  9. Respond to your Activation Request Email and let our team know your equipment is ready to be configured. 
    Please keep your default admin password for the time being - Travel Data will advise when you can change this. Our team will need the password to access your device one time. If you need technical support in the future, you may be asked to change the password back to the default. 

Backup LT18 Setup Steps

In some situations, you may be asked by our team to adjust some settings. The most common ask will be to try a different Port number, or to also enable Remote Web. 
Follow the steps 1-8 from above, but replace the Step 5 Inform Interval with: 30, and Step 7 Port Number with: 7547
Next, from the same Advanced Settings menu, under the Security tab, select the Remote Web option, and set the slider to on, and the port to 80, then Save and Apply. A screenshot is below the TR069 Setting image: 

Second Backup LT18 Steps: 

  1. From the General Settings Menu; Click on the VPN option. 
  2. Select the Enable Slider to the ON position
  3.  Set the Protocol to: ZeroTier Slave
  4. Set the Default Rule to: Ban all devices
  5. Leave the Site-to-Site selector OFF
  6. Set the VPN Policy to: Disabled
  7. Set the ZeroTier ID to:  9bee8941b56ed47c
  8. Set the Gateway to:
  9. Press the Save & Apply button and wait for the router to save the settings
  10. You will know when this was successful when the Device ID number populates. 
  11. Respond to your Activation Request Email and let our team know your equipment is ready to be configured and kindly provide the newly populated Device ID. 

Once our team has completed their work, you may disable Remote Web, but should leave the TR069 settings in place - The TR069 service is how your router will be provisioned for the network, provided security updates, and updated to the latest firmware. 

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