LT18 Setup Step 1

LT18 Setup Step 1

You should now have your sim card, and router. Please have them available as we'll now need some information from each. 
  1. From your sim card, please locate the 19 digit sim card number
  2. From your router, please locate your MAC Address (MAC) on the information sticker located on the bottom of the router
Next, please complete this activation form. 
  1. LT18 Activation Form
Upon completion of the form, our team will email you directly when it's safe to proceed to the next step. Please do not jump ahead, as this can result in delayed activation. 
Due to increased demand, we kindly ask you to allow our team up to 48 hour to complete your sim card activation. Most are completed same day, but may be delayed, especially over weekends, holidays, or if submitted towards the end of the day. 

For the best results, and least amount of frustration, please leave your sim card out of the router, and keep the router powered off. If the sim card is detected too soon on the network, this may delay activation. 

LT18 Activation Form

You may use the embedded form below - If the form fails to load, or is not showing properly, you may open the form in a full window here: 

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