High Gain Antenna Options

High Gain Antenna Options

The antennas below are compatible with our 4G Smart Router, or 4G Smart MiFi w/External Antenna ports. Many customers use, and have recommended these specific antennas to us to share with others. Travel Data does not endorse the products listed here, and is not able to provide support for these particular products. 

11dbi Gain for areas with at least 1-2 bars of 4G/LTE 

18dbi Gain for areas with at least 1 bar of 4G/LTE 

15 dbi Gain Paddle Antennas for areas with at least 1-2 bars of 4G/LTE

*For the Cudy LT18 Router, you will need a two pack for a total of 4 antennas. 

These products are available on Amazon - Travel Data does not provide support for these items. 

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