Compatible Devices List

Compatible Devices List


Welcome to the Travel Data Compatible Devices List! Here, you’ll find a selection of devices fully supported by our service. Each device purchased from Travel Data arrives pre-configured with a SIM card, ready to activate and use right out of the box. With our Concierge Connect service, you’ll enjoy seamless connectivity and top-notch support. Trusted by thousands of RVers, homesteaders, and truckers, we are committed to ensuring a great experience from the start. 

If you purchase from Amazon, you will need to order a SIM card from our store and be comfortable setting up your router with technical instructions. If this sounds daunting, we recommend buying directly from our store. Our routers come pre-configured with a SIM card installed, ready to activate immediately. This ensures a hassle-free experience, with full support from our team. Choose Travel Data for a seamless, stress-free setup and reliable connectivity from the start.


5G NR Router:

LTE Routers:

Cudy Technology 



*Most peplink/pepwave cellular routers are compatible with our service, however, not all are compatible with our Remote Sim service. See this guide for additional details. 

For Remote Sim plan (uses all three US networks), the following are Supported models:
Balance series: 20X*, 310 5G, 310 Fiber 5G, 310X, 310X 5G, 380X*, 580X*, SDX Pro^, EPX^
MAX series:
MBX Mini
BR1 Classic (HW 3)
BR1 Pro (HW 5/6, CAT-4 & CAT-6)
BR2 Pro
BR1 IP55 (HW 4 or above)
HD1 Dome, HD1 Dome Pro, HD2 Dome, HD2 IP67(HW 4+)
Transit Pro, Transit Pro E, Transit Core
SFE (HW 2 or above), SFE CAM.

Why Choose Travel Data?

Concierge Connect Service

  • Experience seamless connectivity straight out of the box. Each router is pre-configured with a SIM card and ready to activate – no setup required.

5-Star Customer Service

  • Rated 5 stars by our customers on Facebook. Trusted by thousands of RVers, homesteaders, and truckers.

Direct Support

  • We support every device we sell directly, ensuring a great experience from the beginning.

Ready to Purchase?

  • Visit our store for more details and to place your order.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team via live chat, email, or request a callback. Use the blue help bubble on any page to contact us directly.

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